Life is a gift for us

Since this gift has a certain deadline (similarly to a gift certificate), then our activities are based on the principle of using it reasonably and in a way that increases its value.
People spend most of their time working, being involved with different organisations and people. Our more profound mission is to increase the share of meaningful actions in organisations and help to create working environments which promote professionality and make the lives of people more enjoyable.
We cooperate with people who value their time of life and people around them.


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we have to take care of it to grow and to be vital, and to nourish it, so that its roots would grow strong.

Tree roots which help the tree to live and survive the storms of life, are the following: value creation model (more narrowly: business model), right people, organisational culture and professional management.

The tree trunk are the processes through which the power in the roots is channelled to the tree crown and the leaves. If the professes do not function, the vitality in the roots does not make its way to the tree crown or the fruit.

The tree crown and the fruit are happy and “healthy” employees who make the customers and the partners happy as well.


Provided that the customer has chosen the right people on board, we help you to create a more professional management system, develop a culture which supports the value creation model of the organisation and support the functioning of the processes, which then create the necessary preconditions for the following:

• the employees of our customers are “healthier” and happier (we handle this as the genki condition);
• increased productivity and the capacity to create new solutions.

This results in happy and satisfied customers and partners of our customers, who wish to consume the services and products of our customers in the future as well and proceed their cooperation.


Our Mission

We are the professional leading force and boosters if needed for the meaningful activities of our customers, their joy of work and professional management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading human resources consultation and labour law enterprises in Estonia by 2023, acting in meaningful and innovative way, creating value for our customers and increasing the value of organisations.

For us, a professional is a person who represents the following characteristics from our M.I.K.S. model:

A meaningful actor (knows what, why and how to do)
Inspiring and Innovative
Fearless (in testing new solutions and receiving feedback)
Able (capable of implementing what has been agreed upon, manage oneself)

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to ask us!

We are the professional pushers and pullers for the meaningful activities of our customers, their joy of work and professional (human resources) management.

Contact us – together we will find the best solution for increasing the value of your organisation! We offer consulting services and in-house trainings.

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